Model-C HDCGJ System has now completed its full set-up tests.

Patchedconics Proprietary 'Fluid Piston' was tested verified in Model-C HDCGJ System.

    Patchedconics Newest HDCGJ Thruster, Model-C was successfully tested verified this February. It debuted. The Model-C incorporated Patchedconics Proprietary 'Fluid Piston' device instead of mechanical movement in pressurization to produce dry gas in space. It contributes to reduction of system mass and enhances reliability.

    The test model carries almost 7 litter propellant that corresponds to approximately 2800Nsec impulse, which boosts orbital velocity of 60m/sec for 50kg class satellites. This impulse maintains 550km altitude orbit for about 10 years. Tubes/Plumbing plate and Tanks plate are shown on your right. Tanks in this test are made of CFRP. The entire propulsion system is presented as well.

    The test also includes the development of new valves drivers PCB. It is capable of driving 9 valves, among which 4 valves are operated at the same time. The PCB fits for 85mmx85mm area, and does fits the top panel of 1U box.

    The system test results are also presented below the PCB image. As observed, dry gas is successfully produced continuously by well controlled heat exchanger device aboard.

    Patchedconics holds Special Intellectual Assets for Cubes to Micro Satellites Propulsion
    A Patent was applied to utilize the storage volume as highest as possible.
    This enables the best specific volume impulse for cube-based propulsion system.
    Patchedconics is capable of provision of modular thruster tailored for the customer requirements.
    Another patent was also applied to augment the propuslion modules tuned for the missions requirements in literally modular way.
    Satellite fabricators are free from adjust their structure designs to accomodate the propulsion systems.
    4U Size Propulsion Unit, which is attached at the bottom of 12U and 4 Tnaks Configuration for Micro.(->)

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Model-C Thruster Images

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