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    New Propulsion Products Now Ready. Details are shown below.

    We have an Inaugural Launch of this Product, Soon on Japanese 70kg Satellite.


    Patchedconics, LLC was established in 2016, and is acknowledged and supported by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

    JAXA accomplished the Hayabusa mission, the world's first Sample and Return from an Asteroid, Itokawa in 2010 as the slides above featued. Patchedconics provides and disseminates the technologies developed through the Hayabusa.

    The technologies include Green and Affordable Thrusters, Distributed IoT Heaters as Space Applicaions, as well as Smart IoT Breakers, Distributed IoT PC Power Controllers in Energy Management.


    CEO Message

    Innovation starts from what is invisible!


    Space Products

    Brand new Propulsion System and IoT Wireless Heaters are shown here.


    Energy Management Products

    Independent Parallel Energy Management System (EMS) was born from Space.



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